Telad... Contracting and construction


Project management

The department is concerned with implementing projects and managing them with absolute professionalism at the hands of a highly qualified work team (administrators, engineers, technicians), as well as reviewing and expressing opinion on all contracts and project documents.

The Technical Office

The technical office is equipped with qualified engineering staff to carry out the required tasks of providing technical details, following up the project schedule, submitting workshop plans and submitting materials for approval.

Quality and costs

The department is concerned with studying and determining the level of quality reached by the product and controlling it, linking it to costs, and assessing the extent of conformity between product specifications and customer desires with high expertise and competencies.

Interior Design

In our continuous endeavor to develop and improve performance to keep pace with modernity and rise to the peaks of achievement, we in the Department of Architectural and Interior Design work with a distinguished elite of specialized designers with high experience and are able to create creativity to satisfy all tastes and are qualified to meet the needs of customers

Operating and Maintenance

Operation and maintenance is one of the most important pillars on which the projects are based and is a top priority, as Telad has sought to preserve the values on which it was based by meeting safety and health standards, in addition to adhering to international standards with regard to environmental factors.